Energy Audit

Discover the key to optimizing energy usage and reducing costs with a comprehensive energy audit from O’Dells. Whether you own a residential property or a small commercial building, our energy audit is designed to evaluate your energy efficiency and provide valuable insights. By identifying areas of energy loss and analyzing your energy consumption patterns, our certified energy advisors can help you make informed decisions to improve efficiency and cut down on gas and electricity expenses. Prior to implementing renewable energy systems, an energy audit is highly recommended to assess the impact of potential improvements. Trust our team of certified energy advisors and building analysts, who are experienced in conducting thorough home and business energy audits.

Electrician with measurere of electrical paramenters with tester multimeter equipment at electrical fusebox or switch box

What is done during an energy audit

The Evaluation

A certified energy auditor will come to your home or business and conduct a walk-through of the inside and outside of the building to help determine your energy usage and problem areas.


While conducting their walk-through, they will analyze specific elements that contribute to your home or business’s overall energy efficiency.

The auditor will analyze the heating and cooling systems, or HVAC system, and your insulation levels, including the basement and exterior attic walls. In addition, they will measure and count how many doors and windows the building has and take external measurements. 


The second part of our comprehensive energy audit includes an airtightness test, also known as a blower door test. Our expert energy auditors will assess the tightness of your building’s envelope by checking for air leakage. 


Additionally, we conduct a thermographic scan using an infrared camera and utilize tools like surface thermometers, pressure manometers, and furnace efficiency meters to assess your energy usage.


To complete the audit, we carefully analyze your past utility bills. Trust our professionals for a comprehensive energy audit that provides invaluable insights into your home or business’s energy efficiency.


Once the evaluation and testing of your residential or commercial building are complete, our energy auditor will provide you with a comprehensive list of energy efficiency recommendations. 

Our team can then implement these recommendations. By implementing these recommendations, you can save money on utility bills while enhancing the comfort of your living or working space. 

Common recommendations often include whole-home air sealing, adding spray foam insulation to the attic, foundation, or walls to prevent heat loss, sealing and insulating air ducts in unconditioned areas, addressing internal moisture or mold issues for improved air quality, optimizing the efficiency of heating, cooling, and hot water systems, as well as installing proper home ventilation for healthier air.